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What is qualitative data analysis and how will it help me in business?

Coding and Consultation
We honor and work with you at your level of academic and professional expertise. Our qualitative data management services are customized to meet your specialized needs in administration, management and marketing. We organize your open-ended data into meaningful structure, provide thoughtful feedback from open-ended responses from your employees and customers, and assist you in producing change within an organization.

We code and analyze your unstructured data that has been collected through surveys, interviews, board and committee minutes, and other open-ended data. These data sources are often rich and meaningful, but overlooked due to the difficulty and time needed for analysis. We turn these unstructured responses into meaningful feedback. Reports are returned to you as Word documents, Excel charts, and other reporting formats applicable to your project.
Coding and Consultation

Training Consultation and Coaching in NVivo Qualitative Software
NVivo software training and coaching by phone and email is available for individuals. The sessions are designed to accomplish your goals in the most efficient manner. This includes staff development and training at the level of communication and technical skill needed for your employees or team members. We work with you to develop strategies for using the software in the most efficient way and to train individual employees and colleagues as needed.

QSR International is recognized and respected throughout the world for qualitative data analysis software NVivo. This software program is a valuable tool in many industries and academic disciplines including business, education, government, social services, and public health.
Training Consultation and Coding in NVivo

Surveys, Meeting Minutes, Proposals, Operations and Procedures Manuals, and other open-ended data.
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We provide professional assistance and support in a variety of industries and academic disciplines.

Business and Government
Survey and interview analyses for major organizations in a variety of industries (e.g., computer technology, international finance, airlines, online brokerage, public health, and U.S. military nursing).

Are you working on your advanced degree?
We provide consultation and coding services in a wide variety of academic disciplines: marketing, international agricultural business alliances, unions, administration in education and public health, organizational behavior, cultural problems, distance education, profit and non-profit organizations, social services, youth issues, and government health publications, to name a few. Our coding services meet professional and academic standards of major universities and businesses.

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